Limpopo supports one of its prolific daughters

Caster Semenya image via Caster Semenya Twitter

She has been in constant attacks from the International Association of Athletics Federation for her physical build, and the MEC for Sports, Arts and Culture in the Province; Thandi Moraka has joined those who are calling the Federation out for what is perceived to be an attack on her gender.

Mokgadi Caster Semenya is not on trial for doping or cheating. Her only offence is being herself. A girl the International Athletics Federation is not happy about the level of natural levels of testerone her body produces. The Federation contest that this gives her advantage over other female athletes. That she keeps winning has nothing to do with her talent and hard work in training; it is because her body gives her advantage, and therefore she should lower her natural levels of testerone if she wants to keep competing in the global stage.

The MEC of Sports, Arts and Culture Thandi Moraka has rubbished the attacks on Semenya and vowed that as the Province, they stand with Mokgadi.

There is a clear and concerted campaign against Mokgadi ‘Cobra’ Semenya and this leaves us with no option but to fight it with all the might we have.

Thandi Moraka

Moraka further alleges that the treatment meted against Semenya is targeting athletes from developing countries as it has previously happened with Indian Athlete; Dutee Chant.

Semenya is a two time Olympic champion from Moletji. Verdict about whether her gender will be humiliated is set to be delivered by the end of March 2019.